The Original Bee's Wax Furniture Polish

  • $12.00

Many polishes do a fine job but eventually leave sticky wax buildup. Not this one: our product testers loved the way Bee's Wax polish brought a lustrous shine to all types of wood, without leaving an ugly residue. This natural formula will leave your home looking beautiful.

  • Compared with other brands, less was used and the results lasted longer

  • The beeswax formula shines and protects everything from your car dashboard to your fine silver

  • Use it to achieve a beautiful luster on leather, wrought iron, marble, granite, glass and mirrors, even stainless steel

  • Won't fingerprint

  • 17 oz aerosol can

  • USA made 

Note: Due to postal regulations, this item must ship UPS ground. It cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or another country. It can never be shipped air.

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