Geechie Boy Mill Stone Ground Goodness - White Grits

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Made from white corn, Geechie Boy Mill White Grits are coarse ground in antique mills. This tried-and-true corn grinding process helps retain the natural oils and flavors of the white corn. While some people claim yellow grits taste sweeter than white grits, there’s no real difference in the taste. Coarse ground grits provide a creamier texture and taste, and the longer they cook, the creamier they get. White grits are ideal when making shrimp and grits because they allow the bright color of the shrimp to pop on the plate. If you prefer to hide cheese in your grits, you might want to select yellow.

About "Geechie Boy"

Raymond L. Tumbleston, was known as the “Geechie Boy” here on the sea islands where he continued the legacy of farming the rich soil of Edisto by growing, packing and shipping tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, cantaloupes, grains and winter greens for over 40 years. He was dedicated to his Lord, family, community and farming. We kept the “Geechie Boy” name for our business in honor of the “original” Raymond L. Tumbleston for all of the work that he did not only for the community and conservation, but for all of the farming community state wide.

In 2007, the Johnsmans started milling grits to supplement their farm income. The antique mill is used to produce Geechie Boy Grits for the public to see – both an educational tool and a glimpse into the past.

On their Edisto Island farm, the Johnsmans operate historic working mills, creating grits used in the country’s finest restaurants, including  James Beard award-winning chefs in nearby Charleston and around the nation.  On a 3-acre garden next to their market, they grow a variety of heirloom vegetables and specialty crops at the request of chefs.

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