Captain Rodney's Lime Ginger Pepper Glaze

Captain Rodney's Lime Ginger Pepper Glaze

  • $9.00

For those whose tastes lean toward the Far East, Captain Rodney’s offers Lime Ginger Pepper Glaze. The captain starts with his original pepper glaze recipe, then adds just the right amount of lime juice and ginger for an exotic taste unlike anything else on the market. Add it to any dish for an exotic flair.

At only 40 calories per serving, this glaze is a great way to add a little flavor to any meal.

9 oz. glass bottle

A note from the captain: For over 20 years, I criss-crossed the Caribbean in search of a pirate’s treasure. What I found instead were some of the most amazing flavours imaginable, and now I share them with the world. On my return to the States, I set out to combine these tastes into a collection of unique recipes that capture the true flavour of the islands. Authentic tastes of the Caribbean, made using my exacting all-natural recipes, in small, open-pot batches, to ensure the best quality. Only the finest will do for the Captain’s table, so I use pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup, locally grown fresh produce and the best spices and peppers of the Caribbean. Our very best, for your table, you have my word on it.

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