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Owners announce an entire month of deals, giveaways, and events; launch online store


Thomaston, Georgia: Precisely five years ago today, two small-town friends opened the doors to their new lives. They'd left their secure jobs in the banking industry to pursue a dream that almost no one thought would work -- especially in the tiny town of Thomaston, Georgia. Today they begin a month-long celebration complete with sales, giveaways, parties, a new logo, and the launch of their online store.

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Rescue Me. It's hard not to say those two words aloud and not recall the popular 1965's hit single by rhythm and blues singer Fontella Bass. "Rescue me. Take me in your arms. Rescue Me. I want your tender charms. 'Cuz I'm lonely and I'm blue. I need you and your love too. Come on and Rescue Me." But contrary to the lyrics of this song, nothing is lonely or blue about Deanne Avery or Lane Coggins, owners of Rescue Me Market in Thomaston, GA.
These Georgia girls embarked on a mission to rescue themselves from their seemingly stagnant banking careers by revitalizing a historic building in their hometown. The 5,000 square foot store was home to the town's local hardware store, which was where everyone went to buy everything. O. W. Jone's & Son Hardware operated from 1910 until 1987? closing it's doors when the first of the community's big box retailer, K-mart, moved to town.
"The Jones Family were wonderful people. Truly, good folk who were passionate about not just the merchandise they sold but about the people of Thomaston. Many tell us, 'this is where I got my first bicycle', 'my first shotgun', or where 'my wedding gifts were purchased.' It was during a time when everyone came to the town square, the heart of the city, to commence any kind of formal trade or commerce," comments Coggins.
Over the decades, Thomaston, like many other small towns across America, has suffered due to the lost of industry. The town square doesn't quite have the allure it once did.
Avery and Coggins, life-time residents of Thomaston, decided it was time to start a revolution. On March 1, 2012, the doors opened to Rescue Me Market. "It was such a good feeling to see so many lined up at the door to get in. We didn't really know what to expect and we certainly weren't prepared for all that would come from it," adds Avery.
When the market initially opened it was home to several antique and vintage dealers along with others who sold handmade items, clothing and jewelry. As the years progressed, Avery and Coggins have been steadily retailing and reinvesting until they were financially stable enough to purchase their storefront property for themselves in January of last year.
Shortly thereafter and perhaps their biggest challenge yet, the ladies initiated a massive renovation of the old hardware store. They each assumed the role of co-contractors and don't be fooled for one second about their involvement in the project. They performed much of the demo themselves and kept the project moving along. The market remained open for business in spite of loud equipment interruptions. "Even when the store looked it's worst, and we did too, customers kept coming in to shop. We just knew it was going to cause our sales to slump but the opposite happened. We were busier than ever. The city of Thomaston was so happy to see us revamping and customers would stop in just to cheer us on," reported Avery.
In October of 2016, just in time to kick off the holiday season, construction was complete. Great caution was taken as to not over do. "Staying true to the old hardware store feel was really important to us. We knew the bones of the building were in good shape. It was just a matter of peeling back all the previous layers to get find it," says Coggins. Nearly every square inch of the space had to be refinished. Today, wall-to-wall 100+ year old heart pine hardwood floors below and heart pine bead board ceiling above, all original to the building, has been exposed and preserved.  The new space commands a new style yet hints of an earlier time in Thomaston when so many frequented the hardware store so many years ago. 
With the renovation now complete, Deanne and Lane are still in the business of selling antiques, vintage relics and home goods - recently adding a Southern gourmet food section and scheduled to launch a webstore in the coming weeks, business is good. When asked about their unique business strategy and how they've sustained so far they are quick to say, "We wanted to show our little town that together we can make a comeback. Make an investment in something worthwhile and you don't necessarily have to do much else. We've absolutely loved every second of it." It does appear that change is in the air in Downtown Thomaston, Georgia since RM Market opened in 2012. Other shops and restaurants are on the scene and the promise of more to come is evident. 
Deanne and Lane will be celebrating their 5th year in business this month at RM Market and you can expect lots of give-a-ways and flare from these two. Be sure to follow Rescue Me Market on Facebook and Instagram for daily contest announcements and celebration event details.